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Birthday's are now available for all of 2024!

Birthday Rental Questions

Birthday Rentals will be for the entire facility, we have set a children max to 20. When we tested the space with friends and family, we had about 20 Toddlers, 8 Babies, and about 30 adults. For a birthday party, where everyone knows each other, we are comfortable going above the 15 little one max we have for open play, however we have learned over the past few months of birthdays that the max the space is good for is 20 children, so we have to have a hard cap at that.


The cost of Birthday Rentals will be $500 for 2.5 hours with $250 deposit required. We ask that the party be planned around a 2 hour time period of play, and a 30 minute time period of winding down, breaking down, saying goodbye, etc. With a large party of little ones, we've found it can take longer than expected to get everyone's shoes on and out the door... go figure :). 


Bookings will be available every Saturday and Sunday with the following time slots:


1:00-3:30 PM





You are welcome to bring any food, beverages, or otherwise you would like. We have the cafe tables and chairs, along with 8 ft tables and additional party chairs (if needed).

What's Up with The Changes?

After our first few months of parties, we have made adjustments and hope to be as thorough as possible in explaining these changes!


Cost Increase:

1. 20 Little Ones is a great number for a lot of families! It allows them to invite the whole class, or have siblings of friends come along, really just enjoy the process without having to limit the invite list too much. What we have unfortunately learned on our end, is that 20 little ones that all know each other play HARD! There is significantly more wear and tear on the space during these parties compared to open play. The cost increase helps us budget for repairs, replacements and new equipment.

2. Cleaning between parties- In order to effectively clean after parties, then sanitize the entire space thoroughly, we learned early on that two staff members are required to accomplish this. Parties are messy! 

Available Times:

Easily our biggest mistake in launching Birthday Parties was underestimating their popularity! While a great "problem" to have, we fully booked EVERY WEEKEND for three months with Birthday Parties. The unfortunate consequence of this was that there has been no weekend open play for families that may not be able to make it in during the week. Our weekend mornings are now reserved for open play so that we can accommodate both Birthdays and Open Play throughout each weekend. 

Hard Cap at 20 Children

We explored allowing more than 20 for parties, and have learned that the space layout is simply not built for more than 20 children for parties. We have decided that we instead have to have a firm limit of no more than 20 children for a party.

Older Siblings During Parties

We have gotten an understandable amount of questions regarding siblings older than 5 that would join for a party. We have found that our answer to this question is complicated! Some 8 or 9 yr olds play gently, and are really there to play with their younger siblings. Other 8 or 9 yr olds are HERE TO PARTY. We love the energy, but the space is just not built for the high energy older children. We ask that you consider this when planning, and know that we may need to ask the older children present at a party to limit or discontinue play if they are too rough with the equipment, or risking safety of the other children through high energy play.

20 Adult Limit

We have observed two different styles of parties when it comes to adults. Either the adults spread out throughout the space, interacting with kids, taking advantage of the seating in the play area, or the adults never leave the dining area and the children play independently. Our dining area is relatively small (to maximize the play area) so for a larger party that typically means seating is only available for the children and a few adults. The space can easily feel a little tight if the adults choose not to venture out into the play area, so we decided to try and cap the total number so it doesn't feel too congested during a party. 

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